Thursday, May 1, 2014

50th Anniversary Extreme Team Scavenger Hunt Starts May 10

Great Hunters of the Realm! Grab a team mate or two or up to six (perfect for families, friends and neighbors) and join the challenge to win a wonderful afternoon celebration picnic/ party in the gorgeous Jelich orchard sometime during apple season.

There are 50 challenging questions and tasks and a few extra credit questions which need to be accomplished over the course of six days. These questions will take you places, through history and flora and fauna of our beloved valley. All of challenges keep you in Portola Valley. You must take a selfie of your team or participants and enter this into your passbook. Passbooks will be available at the Town Center plaza on May 10 at 4pm, or downloadable from the blog. Prints of photos will be required for many answers to the challenge so make sure you have that capability on your team. Turn answers in by May16 to town hall. 

Let the games begin! 

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