Wednesday, May 28, 2014

50th Anniversary Hike Was a Success!

by Phil Reilly

The hike was organized by the town's Trails and Paths Committee and we had an amazing turn out of over a 100 people, including lots of children, and about 20 dogs.  We hiked just under 4 miles of beautiful Portola Valley trails and ended the hike with a picnic at Portola Vineyards, with wine from Portola Vineyards, bread from Portola Valley Breads, cheese and meats donated by Roberts and various salads and desserts provided by committee members and friends.  The universal feedback was that it was a perfect day, showcasing the bounties of Portola Valley, and we had a special combination of young people and long-time residents hiking together.  We even had one 30-year resident who said that this was the first time they had been on the Portola Valley trails!!

It was amazing to see a line of 100 people hiking along the Portola Valley trails. Virginia Bacon took some lovely pictures, which you can see at, and I've included a few of the pictures below (after the cut). 

Among the many special attributes of Portola Valley, the trails have been a key part of the residents' experience for the last 50 years.  This hike was a wonderful confirmation that the trails remain a vibrant and important component of the town's character.  Portola Vineyards have indicated they are very happy to make this an annual event and to also do a similar hike and picnic at the end of the summer. This will be a marvelous way for people to celebrate everything great about Portola Valley.

A number of people at the hike asked about the availability of Portola Vineyards wine and Portola Valley Breads bread:  the wine is available at Bianchini's, Robert's PV, Alpine Hills Tennis Club, and at the winery; and the breads are available exclusively at the Portola Valley Farmers' Market.

Click the link for more pictures! 

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