Thursday, June 12, 2014

1964 Rock 'n' Roll Concert - June 19 6-8pm at Town Center

plays the music of 1964

featuring music by the Beatles, Diana Ross and The Supremes, We Five, Dean Martin,
 Johnny Cash, The Kinks, and Sam Cooke

Peter Sawyer, Nathaniel Rothrock, Cynthia Sleight, Ray Rothrock, Brazos Donaho

1964 was a great year for rock and roll.  Coming off the great years of Elvis, Carl Perkins, Buddy Holly and many more, the Beatles made their American debut on Ed Sullivan Show on Feb. 9 and this changed everything.  They captured the top five on the Billboard Top 40, an unprecedented achievement.  Motown was cranking out the music of Diana Ross.  Elvis was well into his movie career, with his music still in the charts.  Johnny Rivers, Roy Orbison, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, and many more were making history.   Sam Cooke was killed in L.A.  Ian Fleming's James Bond in Goldfinger and Bye Bye Birdie with Ann-Margret were on the silver screen.  Fiddler on the Roof premiered on Broadway.   The space race was well on with the Soviet Union and President Johnson escalated the war with strategic bombing of North Viet Nam.  And first lady, Michelle Obama was born January 17, 1964.

Up and to the Right has put together a 1964 playlist that will get you out of your seat and rockin' to the most memorable music of that era, and they'll perform many some great songs long forgotten.  The set also includes favorites you didn't know were in Billboard's Top Ten of that year such as Everybody Loves Somebody.  

The band members with three PV residents, Nathaniel Rothrock, lead vocal and guitar, Cynthia Sleight, lead vocal, Ray Rothrock on bass, Peter Sawyer on lead guitar and Brazos Donaho on drums.  Ray and Brazos actually went to college back in the day at Texas A&M.  The bands beginnings were when Nathaniel and Ray started taking lessons from Peter before Nathaniel went to college.  In 2012, they got added Brazos and Cynthia and had their Bay Area debut at the Great America Music Hall in May 2013.  The band plays school functions, parties, galas, and as often as they can at the Pioneer Saloon in Woodside -- but mostly for fun.

Don't miss other upcoming acts in the Summer Concert Series at Town Center, July 24 and August 21!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Celebration of the Horse - June 22

Come join us on Sunday June 22 for a morning trail ride through Portola Valley, and an afternoon educational horse fair.

Trail Ride, 9-12:00 PM

  • The staging area for the trail rides will be in the meadow in front of Spring Down, acrossfrom the Town Center, beg.inning at 9:00 am 
  • Three (3) organized rides will depart at 9:30 am. (The map on the back shows the 3 trail ride options.) 
  • Ride-in only (no trailer parking available) *Warning: Steep and irregular trails 
  • RSVP for the trail ride to 

Horse Fair, 2-5 PM

Come learn all about the horse at the horse fair located at the hitching rack in front of the Town Center tennis courts
  • Meet miniature horses and Icelandic ponies 
  • Learn how to conduct a vet exam and listen to a pony’s 
  • heart 
  • Decorate horse shoes and bob for apples 
  • Learn about a horse’s tack and embossing leather 
  • Climb on a wagon and play in an old governess carriage 
  • Learn about what horses eat and how useful manure is 

In 1964, the town of Portola Valley incorporated to preserve its tranquil, rural lifestyle. Today, we enjoy 36 miles of hiking and horseback riding trails throughout the Town’s majestic hillsides and pastoral meadows. Let’s join together to celebrate the horse and ensure continued access to this treasured resource.