50th Anniversary Mission Statement


Town of Portola Valley Incorporated in 1964

By the early 1960s, many residents had become alarmed by increasing pressures for housing and business expansion. Therefore, in 1964, they voted to incorporate in order to have local control over development. The goals were:

         - to preserve the beauty of the land
         - to foster low-density development        
         - to keep government costs low by having a cadre of volunteer        
         - to limit services to those necessary for local residents. 

The incorporating committee envisioned a community grounded in 3 values:

         - Frugality
         - Volunteerism
         - Respect for the land

In the spirit of Portola Valley’s Incorporation, we will celebrate 50 years of . . .

• Preserving the beauty of the land

     -Expansive views of nature
     -Extensive trail system
     -Protected open space
     -Buildings that are subservient to nature

• Volunteers and donors

• Local food, business, artists, entertainment, people, etc…

• Low costs (no money exchanged, no tickets sales, minimize budget)

50th Anniversary Celebration Goals:

1.  Highlight and celebrate the unique character of Portola Valley that has been preserved through incorporation

2.  Strengthen our community:

     -Through common purpose (Portola Valley)
     -By facilitating intergenerational connection

3.  Increase awareness to preserve the unique character of Portola Valley for another 50 years

     -Engage (the children, our future)
     -Evoke (in those who have forgotten)
     -Inspire (those who don’t know)

Portola Valley 50th Anniversary Ad Hoc Committee

Rebecca Arora
Virginia Bacon
Danna Breen
Brook Coffee
Leslie Field Barth
Erica Hughes
Nancy Lund
Phil Reilly
Kari Whalesong
Cindie White

Karen Mobley

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